Turning Torso is the most spectacular building (or sculpture?) to be seen in Malmö, maybe in northern Europe. From the day the idea was first presented, people got more and more curious, critical and engaged - a situation that is ideal also for the art scene.  The inauguration of Turning Torso also became an event of great importance. Now it is there, proud and grand, yet unreachable to the visitor. The plans of making a restaurant and a panorama bar open to everybody on the top floor, came to nothing. Turning Torso is an exclusive place for the well-to-do, but at the same time quite a eye-catcher in the public space.  From the ground visitors imagine how it feels to be up there, 54 floors and such a small base, how is it possible? How does it feel to look out of the oblique windows, how long will the facade stay white? And, what about risks of cracks due to salty and harsh winds?  We wanted to refer our piece of art to these thoughts, and establish a kind of homelike relation between the visitor and the mighty Turning Torso. By pressing a  button on the ground the visitor was in charge of a lamp placed in an apartment on the 51st floor. With a simple gesture the far away was annexed with a luminous spot mastered by any visitor.  Who left the light on? Who switched it off at 5 am?  To be able to achieve this we needed a technician, Patrik Sonestad, aflat-owner willing to let us borrow a window for a month, and a thing called Telia Link Kopparfast.On the ground a steer desk furnished with a console dramatized the button. The placement of the desk could not be better, close to Bar Italia, with a good sight all the way up to the lamp in the sky.