If you live and work in Malmö, it’s tempting to start thinking of what might be done in Copenhagen and Denmark. Arken Museum of Modern Art is one of these tempting places, a huge contemporary art museum located south of the city, next to a nice beach. From the beach of Ishøj it is easy to see the Swedish coast and the expansive view of sand dunes make you think about supple military landings.  We would like to ask the Swedish Home Guard to give us a hand. This voluntary and independent army of laymen, with the mission of giving extra help to people in need, are more often than not, without a mission. They should be able to undertake a landing on the cape, on which Arken Museum of Modern Art is located.  The women and men from the Home Guard together will build defense work and raise barriers. From now on, the territory is occupied! Identity controls are set up and immediately starts operating. Jolly good Danish workers and local inhabitants must of course be allowed to enter. But what about art visitors, joggers or beach tourists? It must be totally clear: spaced-out cultural mafia, old leftists and other foreigners will not be let in, don’t even think about it!