It is the space of the exhibition in the Gothenburg Art Museum that has inspired us. The windows along one side of the room makes the space really extrovert and the several entrances on the other side enhances the feeling of openness and makes it possible to look from different distances and angles. We want to celebrate the uniqueness of the space by using it in our suggestion. We’d like to create a kind of labyrinth within the flow of daylight, a piece of art in the extended field of painting, or, to be less abstract: a sculpture in which you can wander about. Straps are a fast and cheap way to change a room, to create directions and new space, and to block it. Straps often help to mark something incidental, yet important. In frequented localities, in hotels, arenas, airports, you find them. Wherever there´s a need to direct people´s attention, you find straps. Something has happened, it is ”restricted area”, if we just follow the straps we avoid ending up in the “wrong place”. A very bizarre example of the use of straps can be seen in the permanent exhibition at the Tower of London. The visitors are led by an immense amount of turnings before ending up in front of a huge portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. However odd this may seem to a devoted republican, the future will probably involve more flexible space as well as more definite marked paths to walk. Here, but not there! You arrive from one direction and you recognize the place. You arrive to the same place from another direction and you no longer recognize it. By the help of metallic poles and straps we wish to construct a labyrinth. A room to enter and physically experience and/or to watch at a distance. Our labyrinth is a needless but beautiful umleitung in contrasting colours. An eerie feeling at the same time of being disciplined. Everybody entering the same trap.

Endlos, Göteborgs konstmuseum, 11 juni–7 september 2008.