High Light

(in english)

Art has the power to highlight It can be enticing, it can be obtrusive, it guides our eye and make us look both once and twice. Even at things, we don´t want. Art can be compared to a lamp, a high light. Both art and lighting are used in our cities today for spectacular reasons. Our gaze is directed to the sculpture, the renovated building, the stucco in the old house facade, all must contribute to the new drama of the urban exterior. Well placed floodlights are spreading rays of light on columns and niches, on objects of art and historical sites, making aestheticsand the past stand out in the same fashion: as scenery in a world of sceneries. Our artistic suggestion for the Blekinge Institute of Technology refers to another lamp.The lamp that has a personal aura. Somebody is at home where the light is on, or somebody is expected home. Reading lamps help you keep your concentration. In common reading rooms lots of lamps are lit in the name of assiduity. The lamp we have in mind draws people into its bright light. It helps people, in the wide world of curiousness and knowledge, facts and fiction. Our lamp is a project of Enlightenment! At the same time it is living its own life as it is actually moving. Vertically as well as horizontally. The lamp follows passers-by, it turns towards the sea, like a spotlight, it looks up and down - an ongoing panorama view, up the street, over the roofs. No onecan figure out what the next move will be. The lamp can change direction, it can be still for so long you think its all over. Then,a hardly appreciable change of position. The lamp reminds you of the old guards and historic lamplighters that personally kept watch in the city. It also reminds you of computer games, developed and theorized at Blekinge Institute of Technology. Our suggestion is based on the quite ordinary desk lamp, only bigger!We think of using a crane, normally used for handling logs in the woods, but with all the same functions and flexibility as the desk lamp. ”High Light”, however, is not ruled by a hand butby a computer program. On the crane, working as a lamp arm, we install a lampshade made of sheet metal and a source of light. A reflector throws the light up into the white-painted inside of the shade, thus giving it a softer and warmer glow. The lamp is lit when its dark and especially in wintertime, just as ordinary street lights. We would appreciate if our moving sculpture could be placed in the small square in between the houses, as an interesting hub forthe guests in the restaurant to watch. The lamp will stand as a clear and dynamic connection between the eternity of the sea and the temporary human dwellingswhere febrile activity is going on. On its site, the lamp is visible from different directions, a central landmark, an obvious meeting point. Fiat lux! Let there be light!