Suggestion for an exhibition on National Tourist Roads project at Norsk Form, Oslo  It is anincredibly big project that the Norwegian Public Roads Administration are busy doing. Impressive as the fjeld heights and rich in detail as the Norwegian coastline. Norsk Form is about to put its mark in the Norwegian countryside and along the roads. Our suggestion wants to create a premonition of what can be expected out on the road.   The visitors are entering by a serpentine ramp reaching up to a platform.Through a curtain-wall, with a printed motif from the Norwegian landscape and right into the exhibition. Inside there is semi-darkness, some really tall pinetrees and the snow-white platform.  The road swings and bends around the Norwegian landscape made to be overlooked by the visitor. It is a Norway in miniature, 20 meters of long, stretching out on the dark surface of the floor.  Down there merry little puff puff cars drive in the miniature Norway along the roads, stop and start again. The visitor can follow their activity on one of the three projectionscreens where they also can watchfilms from the actualNorwegian tourist roads. The big screens show beautiful panoramas and new architecture as road perspectives are flashing by. We hope that adults as well as children will be drawn into this world of National Tourist Roads; be entertained by the act of observing the cars in the miniature landscape, and learn about the newly built projects in Norway. Our intention is to present but above all to create a magic moment in the exhibition space.