Sygdommens Ansigt

Everybody wanted art in the spring of 2006. In Copenhagen we showed a small sound sculpture, arranged in one of the windows at the street level in The Museum of Medicine, Fredericiagade18. Two loudspeakers were placed in the windowpanes, a sound equipment indoors and our voices imitating the hoot of an ambulance. The other artists in the exhibition, The Face of Illness, had chosen more discreet ways of working. In their windows they had put photos, drawings and sketches. Our loud piece of art was immediately rejected when the café on the opposite side of the street called for the police. We, the café-owner, the Danish curator Peter Brandt from Huskegruppen, the police and the director of the Museum finally agreed upon an acceptable sound barrier. The title of our piece, “Worried Well”, refers to the state of anguish a completely healthy but nevertheless imaginary ill person can be in. To call the ambulance or notto call? Hoot-hoot! Hoot-hoot!